Group Theatre Tickets Are a Great Way to Plan an Evening for Your Friends

If you’ve ever needed to entertain sophisticated guests and felt unsure on how to best do it, you probably felt like you were sailing into rough seas. A dinner with a wine tasting can be expensive and is often times prohibitively expensive. Searching for an appropriate and affordable alternative can leave you befuddled. Why not take your guests to a wonderful theatrical performance?

Purchasing group theatre tickets can make for an entertaining evening. Whether it is a celebrated theatrical classic, a new Tony award winner, or an up-and-coming debut, the theatre is certain to be a crowd-pleasing favorite for the whole group.

If this is your first time making such a purchase for tickets, you may be unaware of some the amenities that your local theatres may offer for larger groups. Some of these amenities that many theatres offer when you book tickets for you and your guests together:

- Complimentary coat check for larger garments

- Additional savings and preferred seating for booking a larger number of tickets

- Event planning assistance with experienced theatre administrators and staff

- Comfortable private seating areas with extraordinary views of the stage

- VIP reception areas after the production comes to a close for meet-and-greets with catering and a bar

A night out at the movies may be enjoyable, but it lacks the depth and warmth of live entertainment. Unless you live in Cannes or Hollywood, you will rarely meet the stars or even see them in person. An informed planner can help cover these missing elements when they book group theatre tickets. Pre-show chats allow you and your guests to ask questions and gain a behind-the-scenes insight into the world of theatrical performance. Even the most cutting edge model of 3D glasses with the latest blockbuster movie will never add this level of interaction with the star performers.

Many recent hit movies are based on live productions, while others are adaptations of novels which were adapted for the stage. In either case, a live performance grants new insights into familiar characters, and the actor’s performance is fresh each evening.

When you apply for group theatre tickets, you get a lot more than entertainment. There is an enriching immediacy that just isn’t possible when you’re staring at a movie screen. If your guests are already lovers of drama, then they will need no further enticement for a night out at the theatre!

How To Motivate Younger Children To Behave During Family Movie Outings

Family movies can be a nice change of pace for the moviegoer who’s interested in watching a movie that has a little more heart, has great jokes for viewers of all ages, and is generally just fun. More importantly, the idea of a family movie is that it’s trying to appeal to a family who wants to step out together and share a fun experience at the movie theater. There’s just one problem — can you be sure that your kids will behave?

Even if you only have one child, parents strive to be better than the scores of parents they’ve critiqued in the past for not having better control over their child’s behavior. It is not an easy task, and for as selfish as it seems, you yourself may be a movie lover who wants to watch a movie in peace. The last thing you want to do is hand out punitive edicts in an aggressive whisper.

As with most things, you want to be sure to plan things out ahead of time and really think about one main issue with family movie night — making sure the kids are actually ready to go to the movies. Just because you’re a movie buff, your kids may not be keen on the theater environment, the larger crowds, or they may just be too boisterous to sit still & not make noise. Here’s where honesty as a parent becomes essential because we all think our kids are angels, right?

If you’ve decided that a family movie outing can move forward, it’s important to do a few things in preparation. Of course, choose a movie that will actually appeal to your kids. If they are entertained, there’s a good chance that they will be a bit more focused. Plus, kids’ movies are usually a little shorter, have goofy characters, and are paced with their attention-spans in mind. Also, take your experience with your kids and see when they operate the best during the day. Some kids are great early in the day, but by dinner, they are an absolute mess. Others work the other way around. Either way, knowing which works best for your family will ensure an easier time.

Finally, you need to be of the mindset that you need to go with the flow of your kids’ behavior. Even if you’ve set guidelines and expectations about quiet time & movie etiquette with your kids prior to going to the theater, you just never know. All you really can do is chalk a rough time up to experience. After all, you wouldn’t be the first parent that had to leave a movie theater because of their kid’s mood swings.

Family movies and family movie outings can be a lot of fun and can set the tone for other family adventures. Even if things don’t go as smoothly as possible, it’s still time you spend together, and that’s priceless.